Fizz Beer Tasting Formation

All our delicious beers fit for consumption on July 26th at Fizz

Easy Street Cream Ale

Cream Ale
SRM: 4L • IBU: 16 • APV: 5.7%
A smooth and sweet summertime cream ale that gets its flavoring from Oats, Corn, and just a touch of mild hop bitterness. Perfectly paired with cookouts, barbecues, picnics, potlucks, clambakes, fish fry excursions, wiener roasts, and Wisconsin cheese as a kicker.

Bring Me Home Berry Ale

Wheat Ale / Fruit Beer
SRM: 4L • IBU: 29 • APV: 4.2%
We all get home sick at one point. This beer reminds us of where we’ve been and where we’re going. This wheat ale is brewed with blueberry, Belgian caramel grains and hops from the Northwest. Bring Me Home Berry has a sweet golden color that is sweet, creamy and smooth. Light and delicious at 4.2% APV.
Served on draft.

No Name 57

Classic American Pilsner
SRM: 7L • IBU: 34 • APV: 5.8%
Our take on the classic pre-prohibition lagers gets its namesake from I-57; the only major Chicagoland road without a name. We use local honey and a midwestern grain bill to create a smooth and refreshing pilsner that smacks with a delightful bit of history.

Mint Condition IPA

Mint India Pale Ale
SRM: 7L • IBU: 50 • APV: 7.6%
This adventurous American style India Pale Ale is brewed with Mint. A hefty smattering of hops and mint is added to give it some bitterness. This has the great traditional flowery aromatics of an IPA, with some citrus tones and refreshing minty aroma in the nose.

Southside Ale

Specialty Beer
SRM: 9L • IBU: 26 • APV: 5.0%
If any of our beers were our flagship, this true hybrid citrus ale would be it. First crafted on Chicago’s southside, it represents our brewing ideals like none other. Southside uniquely combines coriander spice and orange zest with malts from Belgium, Germany, and England to provide a crisp yet hearty body and smooth mouth feel.

Bunny Prince

Hoppy Pale Ale
SRM: 11L • IBU: 41 • APV: 5.2%
Long live the Bunny Prince! His coronation led us to brew a Hoppy Pale Ale in his name. Unique and vibrant like the rabbit that inspired it, the Bunny Prince is a perfect beer to celebrate any royal occasion.

May Day Maibock

Maibock/Helles Bock
SRM: 12L • IBU: 27 • APV: 6.7%
Traditionally, a Maibock is brewed to close out the traditional brewing season of winter. This seasonal copper-hued beer is brewed to celebrate the end of the dodgeball season. While distinctively German in malt character, the hops and special yeast used lend a certain spiciness to give May Day an extra kick.

Raspberry Chocolate Ale

Gluten Free Sour Ale
SRM: 13L • IBU: 29 • APV: 7.8%
There aren’t enough gluten free beer options out there. Using Sorghum and rolled oats, we wanted to introduce a delicious beer that is entirely gluten free! The use of raspberry and a specific yeast used help give this darker beer a sour taste, while Chocolate lends some sweetness.

Láidir Red Eyes

(Irish: Súl Dearg Láidir)
Strong Irish Red Ale
SRM: 28L • IBU: 40 • APV: 7.8%
This up and coming fan favorite is a stronger and bolder version of our irish-style red ale. Because most Irish would never stand for something related to “Imperial,” we gave it the Irish word for “Strong.” This ale is extremely smooth, with a mild hoppiness balanced with a hefty grain bill.

Presidential Porter

Robust Honey Porter
SRM: 32L • IBU: 31 • APV: 6.2%
This beer has some linage in a recipe by the White House kitchen staff, who brew their own beer using honey harvested from the White House beehives. Many of the ingredients have changed over the course of its development, but the result is something that’s been described as an autumn beer. The Presidential has notes of spice, sweetness, and roasted malt to complement the honey tones.

Sweet Midnight Stout

Nitro Sweet Stout
SRM: 45L • IBU: 28 • APV: 6.8%
First brewed at night, this Sweet Stout uses barley, chocolate, and milk sugar to give it a savory finish. There is nothing better than sipping on a stout when midnight calls!
Served from a nitro tap.

Fugglewood Oak Aged Porter

Wood Aged Baltic Porter
SRM: 59L • IBU: 16 • APV: 6.5%
This white oak barrel aged Porter is brewed with Honey and Fuggle hops and mellowed with Jonnie Walker Black in a white oak barrel. The barrel aging gives Fugglewood some rich oaky character that some have also described as smokey.

Flying Pig Barrel Aged Stout

Smoked Chocolate Bacon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
SRM: 95L • IBU: 57 • APV: 10.0%
This flavor bomb of a Russian Imperial Stout is aged in a white oak barrel and mellowed with Jack Daniels. This beer pours thick and dark from a hefty grain bill including smoked malt, chocolate and cooked bacon. Everything about the Flying Pig is beyond belief.

Author: Zig

Co-owner and Brewer