Open Mic/ro Night: from the Chicagoist

So one particular Thursday I was minding my own business on a very late lunch break from work. Browsing on my phone I came across an open submission for homebrew that was happening in about 2 hours at a Craft Beer Cafe by the name of Beermiscuous… Of course a ran home and brought a six pack over for them to try.

The night’s finale was a hybrid between a Belgian and an American Pale Ale brewed by Zigmas Maloni of Southbridge Brewery, a upcoming nano brewery . Named “Southside Ale” the ale was citrusy, and also had an excellent copper color, which gave the appearance of a more professional product than that of an amateur. – Ben Kramer, Chicagoist

Beermiscous is quite the place, they have an awesome selection of beer. After the tastings, Becky and I shared a bomber of Belgian IPA. Strongly recommend checking it out, if not just for the spectacular schematic diagram transit map of Chicagoland breweries.  Jon and I plan to attend the next Open Mic/ro night on December 11 and bring another beer to share!

Author: Zig

Co-owner and Brewer