Tasting at the Beverly Brews Fest

For most of the summer, we’ve been busy brewing up a storm for many private events and tastings. It goes without saying there’s been a ton of paperwork and contractual negotiations as we finalize our location. But we have a public tasting coming up!

We’re donating kegs and serving beer on the Southside for Labor Day weekend.  The Beverly Brews Fest is held by the Beverly Arts Center, and it looks like there will be a dozen other breweries besides Southbridge in attendance. We’ll have at least 4 beers: Southside Ale, Mint Condition IPA, Bring Me Home Berry, and one other not yet decided. There’s really too many to choose from.

Sat, Sept 5, 6 – 10pm. Beverly Arts Center

Check here for tickets to the festival, everything is handled on the BAC’s end. They’ve also put up an event on facecool.

Author: Zig

Co-owner and Brewer