What’s Brewing 2016-04-01

What’s Brewing at Southbridge Brewery? Just a bit of stuff that’s been packaged, in fermentation, in condition, or about to start brewing.

  1. Spice Miser 2015, packaged at 6.6%
  2. Southside Ale, packaged at 4.7%
  3. Raw Amber, 6.9%, this one is delicious.
  4. Chicago Common Brick VIII, packaged at 5.3%
  5. No Name 57, lagering at ~5.3%, but we nixed the honey in this batch.
  6. April Annihilation 2016, will be ready for Nationals in BG, Ohio
  7. Bring Me Home Berry, ~4.3%

Author: Zig

Co-owner and Brewer