April Annihilation 2017(Kentucky Common)

For this year’s event the League converged on Lexington, Kentucky. We were excited to; try another hand at the Kentucky Common, bringing some trendy American hop character in a traditional malt bill.

It’s a tasty amber hued, light brown beer with a light, nutty, toasty caramel sweetness. A lot lighter in flavor than it appears.

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Malts:Barley, Maize
Hops:Old & New School American
Availability:April 2017
Additional NotesPairs well with dodgeball.

Red X Lager

A tasty experiment in a newish malt out of Germany, this beer uses “RedX” for most of the grist bill. Great maltiness and complexity in a very small beer, with only 4% ABV. Almost like a session version of an American style Oktoberfest.

Malts:95% Red X, 5% Honey Malt
Hops:Hallertauer Aroma (NZ), Liberty (US)

Side Alley Pilsner

The Alley is where all the cool things happen, the informal parallel to the street out front. This all barley premium Pilsner is not just about deliveries and pickups, it’s about reimagining a service lane into something new and delicious.

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Malts:Pilsner, Kilned, Toasted

May Day Mild

Our Bread and Circuses contribution to American Mild Month is a restrained fest beer brewed to slake the thirst of the May Day Dodgeball Ralliers. The May Day Mild is a big flavorful beer repressed by a quenchable decree, wielding a quintessential American brewing ingredient: corn. Will it overcome style and fuel a revolution?

Malts:Pale Ale, Corn, Kilned, Roasted
Hops:Cluster, Centennial
Yeast:American Ale
Additional NotesPairs well with Dodgeball.

Raw Amber Ale

Raw Ale is a very old method of producing beer, mostly found in Baltic and Northern countryside brewing traditions. It’s not boiled, and it’s not soured, but it is indeed a unique beer.

This second recipe is another American contribution to the method. It mashes in with plenty of malty complexity, then fermented with a common American ale strain, followed by a dry hop of an old American hop cultivar. Oh, and of course we skip the boil.

You have to try this. You won’t find anything like it.

Malts:Vienna, Pale, Crystal malt