What’s Brewing: 2015-08-26

What’s Brewing at Southbridge Brewery? Just a bit of stuff that’s been packaged, in fermentation, in condition, or about to start brewing.

  1. Sweet Midnight Stout (usually poured on nitro), packaged at ~5%
  2. an Amber Ale, packaged at 6.29%
  3. a German-Mexican Pale Lager, packaged at 5.13%
  4. Pacific Jade Vienna Ale, the first of our Smash Series: US Vienna, NZ Pacific Jade, US-05; packaged at 5.08%
  5. Southside Ale ~5%
  6. Chicago Common Brick V (OYL-045-NJ) ~4.5%
  7. Chicago Common Brick VI (OYL-057-Kveik) ~4.5%
    potential side by side by side by side of versions III, IV, V, IV
  8. Mint Condition IPA ~7.2%
  9. a Norwegian Chocolate Mint IPA (OYL-057-Kveik) ~5%-7%
  10. Bring Me Home Berry (or maybe turning it into Mighty Mango Wheat Ale) ~7%
  11. Southbridge Märzen Lager ~5%
  12. Southbridge Oktoberfest Ale (usually poured on nitro) ~5%

Tasting at the Beverly Brews Fest

For most of the summer, we’ve been busy brewing up a storm for many private events and tastings. It goes without saying there’s been a ton of paperwork and contractual negotiations as we finalize our location. But we have a public tasting coming up!

We’re donating kegs and serving beer on the Southside for Labor Day weekend.  The Beverly Brews Fest is held by the Beverly Arts Center, and it looks like there will be a dozen other breweries besides Southbridge in attendance. We’ll have at least 4 beers: Southside Ale, Mint Condition IPA, Bring Me Home Berry, and one other not yet decided. There’s really too many to choose from.

Sat, Sept 5, 6 – 10pm. Beverly Arts Center

Check here for tickets to the festival, everything is handled on the BAC’s end. They’ve also put up an event on facecool.

Small tasting to close out Febrewary!

Sorry about the pun! But tonight we had a small amount of friends came over to try out an even smaller flight of our beers. Good conversation had by all.

Our flight consisted of many of the beers we’ve brewed over January and February, but it wasn’t much. Jon and I have been very busy getting together the business plan, and searching for different locations. We still wanted to fulfill our promise of a tasting every month till we open, but it’s a strange feeling to be so close to a real place.  Continue reading “Small tasting to close out Febrewary!”

Experimental weekend in the India spectrum.

To stay ahead in the brewery scene, it’s important for Southbridge to develop new recipes that give our fans a taste of the unknown. If we want to have a different beer of the week, 52 times out of the year, we should be able to crank out some interesting experiments. I’m always excited to be able to share this kind of creativity. Our beers are all about bringing delicious and ambitious beers to the locals.

So this weekend, there are two experiments.  Continue reading “Experimental weekend in the India spectrum.”

Our Bridge

People have been inquiring about this lately, and I’d figure its response would make a great story. As always, these seem to go well with a sipping beer at your screen’s side.

Our humble Southbridge logo is a symbol representing many wonderful things. Like many other things, we’ve incorporated (hidden?) a couple of elements into our identity.

Continue reading “Our Bridge”

70s Tasting at Fizz

Thanks Pete Ziegel!

Fizz is welcoming up back once again for another party in “The Loft”

Join Southbridge Brewery,  nine different brews, and lovingly prepared appetizers at Fizz Bar & Grill on November 15th!

We will be serving free tasters of our beer from 7-10pm, after that, continue the party with a music and decor from the Seventies. See you then… Cheers!

Open Mic/ro Night: from the Chicagoist

So one particular Thursday I was minding my own business on a very late lunch break from work. Browsing on my phone I came across an open submission for homebrew that was happening in about 2 hours at a Craft Beer Cafe by the name of Beermiscuous… Of course a ran home and brought a six pack over for them to try.

The night’s finale was a hybrid between a Belgian and an American Pale Ale brewed by Zigmas Maloni of Southbridge Brewery, a upcoming nano brewery . Named “Southside Ale” the ale was citrusy, and also had an excellent copper color, which gave the appearance of a more professional product than that of an amateur. – Ben Kramer, Chicagoist

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