Beer & Food Tasting at the Libertine Green Bay: Aug 16th


Please come out and support Zigmas Maloni and Jon Reimer as we will be serving over 10 different ales and lagers on August 16 from 3pm to 7pm.

The craft beers will be anything from light to dark to fruity to bitter. We are hosting this tasting event to show off new beers and help spread the word for our new up & coming Southbridge Brewery.

Wristband tickets are $20 at the door and include the following:

  • 10+ high quality craft beer tastings
  • Various foods that correlate with the craft beers
  • Good Music
  • Raffle prize giveaway of Southbridge Brewery merchandise

There will be two Gluten Free beers and gluten free food options. Non beer drinkers will have fun also!

Tickets can be bought in advance from Jon Reimer or Zigmas Maloni, or bought at the door. Just come up to either of us to get a wristband.
We need everyone’s full support to spread the word of our brewery. This event is one of many as we have a series of tastings; we plan our opening of Southbridge Brewery’s Tap house within the next two years.

We thank you for your support and hope to see all of your friends and family there! Please invite many! More the better.


Get in touch with Jon or Zig. On event day, come to us to get you a wristband.

Jon (920) 619.0637 or Zigmas (708) 567.7990
Be sure to text first if we don’t know your number. It’s just easier that way!


Southbridge Brewery

Jon and I would like to announce our new identity: Southbridge Brewery.

We were once known as Aspire Brewing and Tower Drive Brewing Company. These names were representative a long standing dream to open a brewery, and we would like to thank everyone who supported the two while we brewed and developed delicious beers.

As Southbridge Brewery, our goal is have a local Chicagoland brewery open and running by the summer of 2015. Until then, we hope to build our recipes, beers, and brewery with many tastings to share our love and labor.

We are nothing without our fans, supporters, customers, staff, and general community. It is because of you that we are able to brew great beer. We believe you deserve local, tasty beer that has a unique flavor and we just can’t accomplish that without people like you!

Southbridge Brewery is dedicated to crafting delicious and ambitious beers that can stagger beer connoisseurs and be savored by our casual locals. We aim to design ales and lagers that are crafted to push the boundary of style and flavor; to create hybrid beers that celebrate the audacity of “making no little plans.”

Thank you,

Jon Reimer and Zigmas Maloni
Co-Owners & Brewers
Southbridge Brewery

Tasting a Beer

Appearance: Take a look at the beer, raise it in front of you. Take note of its color, head, and consistency. Among other things, as yourself how attractive does it look? Does it leave a clean lacing from the head as it is drank? 

Aroma: Most of your taste experience is actually influenced by sense of smell. Stick your nose in the glass and give two quick sniffs, then one deep. This is often called “the nose”.

Taste: This has two main parts, the Mouthfeel and the Finish. Take a sip. Don’t swallow immediately, let it wander and let your taste buds acclimate. Note the texture in the Mouthfeel; many people use modifiers like big, sweet, sticky, smooth. Next, swallow and observe the Finish. Hoppiness and bitterness tends to appear at the finish.

Overall: Note the entire experience. Don’t be afraid to take another big gulp if you need some extra sensory input!

May Tasting!

Check out our May Tasting!

We have decided on a date for our spring tasting. Rain or shine, two will be held on May 9th and 10th. Our purpose behind these tastings is to get your feedback! We’ll also be accepting donations which will go towards future brews, which will be showcased in future tastings.

  • Friday: 6:30p-9:00p
  • Saturday: 4:45-6:45p

We will have SEVEN tasty brews for you to enjoy:

  1. Southside Ale
  2. Bring Me Home Berry Ale
  3. Láidir Red Eyes
  4. Fugglewood Porter
  5. Mint Condition IPA
  6. Presidential Honey Porter
  7. April Annihilation Nitro Märzen